Space Design

It was a matter of survival at first - a means to make a living in college. Painting houses, doing carpentry, working with electricians...and then it was what made home ownership a possibility for Pam and I...fix it up and you might be able to afford it.

Stressless studio is a small production studio that packs an awful lot of action in a minimul sort of space. The 28x14 foot annex to my wife's and my home was originally a screened in porch which I repurposed for a professional production space. Certainly enough room to record small bands, but really a space to create with lots of instruments at the ready, Stressless is the culmination of decades of studio production experience on a budget.

While I know the mediums that I store in my home are antiquated, I refuse to give up my music collection... yet the house can't hold it all. Or at least it couldn't until I built another built in cabinet system...this time for CDs and records rather than books...the other antiquated medium I can't get enough of....

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