Sound Design

Music was without a doubt my first love. I began composing almost as soon as I could walk over to a piano. A singer/songwriter for most of my career, it was in graduate school that I began to really explore composition for other than song. Many of my classmates at Parsons had wonderful visuals in need of sound design, and so I went back to recording. Since then, I have composed for dozens of projects.

Jose Martinez at Colmena Design created these incredible visuals for the Office of Institutional Advancement at Hostos. We recorded several speakers reading the copy, and then I edited the work together. They wanted to use an Alicia Keyes song as the theme, and when I went to loop her piano intro which was very free in its tempo, the loop sounded aweful. So I built the song from the ground up, slowly introducing instrumentation to be able to seamlessly end with her anthemesque final chorus. Challenging, but a terrific project. This has played a role in helping the college raise scholarship monies for much of the 2016-2017 season.

One of the most intense projects that I have had the honor to work on to date, Samuel French's 'Song of Extinction,' was an incredible journey for this composer. I worked through several iterations of the pieces that I contributed here, eventually teaming up with arranger Barry Hartglas and recording the pieces with the incredible Macedonian Radio Symphonic Orchestra. The performances by the Hostos Repertory Theater Company were moving and triumphant, and I was blessed to be part of it.

Dirty Paki Lingerie first premiered in NYC at the Midtown International Theater Festival in 2011 where it had a sold out run. I was drafted to help rework the sound design and craft some new music for the show. The play has since had sold out performances in Toronto, at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and most recently in Pakistan!

SEVEN was performed by the Hostos Repertory Theatre at Hostos Community College in March of 2012. The story of Seven is that seven women playwrights began interviews of international women leaders connected to the network of Vital Voices Global Partnership in 2006. Each playwright created a monologue illuminating the life of her interviewee. The director of the Hostos production asked that I create themes for each of the character's in the play, and this is what I created for Farida Azizi, an activist fighting the marginalization of women under Taliban rule in Afghanistan.

This was part of the Nurturing Nature show. A dark corner of the gallery held a table with an old radio sitting upon it. The radio would spontaneously turn on when someone wandered near and begin cycling through frequencies and their stations...creeeeeepy.

This project has been ongoing for several years now. I've been inches away from completing it and then rethought the whole thing a half dozen times over. Originally taken on so I could have a long format sound design project in the portfolio, it continues to evolve. Here's a link to the introduction and initial scenes of Paul Wegener's 1915 Silent film with my sound design and orchestrations.

A promotional video for the Hostos Design & Animation Program circa 2009. This is a piece of music from my work as Fester Spunk. From the Ghosts & Interference album, that I remixed for this project.

Loved working on this for Mezco Toys. I did a variety of different designs for their interactive site (was which this tour will let viewers see and hear. I composed all of the music and created sound effects as well as the music and sound design for an animated short.

Here's sound design that I created for a classmate's animation back when I was working toward my MFA at Parsons.

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