Graphic Design

Over the years I have done an awful lot of graphic design. From album art and packaging design for Sweetfish records, to web design, and a host of promotional materials.

My latest album has art created by the incredible Lee Jacob Hilado. Here-s the tri-fold CD package I created.

Conceiving of an appropriate album cover concept for Scheissfinger's album 'Tales of the Puppetmeister' took several months to develop. I enlisted the help of british puppet maker Tony Sinnet to get the band's various personas into puppets we could actually work with. The little band members are only about four inches tall, while the back puppets are closer to 18 inches in height. We brainstormed costume design, and I built the model stage in my workshop. Photography took place in my studio, and the final artwork is stunning.

These screens while not necessarily traditional graphic design were part of the Nurturing Nature show's advertising art,and were some of the most visually effective work I have created. Their simple lines explode with light when positioned for full impact, and end up radiating color like a stained glass window. The narratives that audiences project onto these pieces surprised me. The portrait frames, while built from black and white images were some of the most commented upon work in the show.

While in the Technical Communications Program at RPI, I helped develop what would become the "Renssellaer Font," which began as one of the professor's research into fonts for readers who suffer from dyslexia. I developed a series of iterations, the final version of which I called Maceo after the great Maceo Parker, many letter forms of which were incorporated into the final designs. What I discovered along the way is that dyslexia is more often language LD than a visual one. Announcing this to the rest of the research team went over like a british rock band.

1996 & 1997 were pretty high octaine years at Sweetfish Records - here was the box set we issued for the holidays in 1997.

After closing Sweetfish down, I went grad school with the intention of becoming an educator...which is what I did. During those years, I did a great deal of independent contracting as a designer, and thus was born Roeboy! Here's the brand that I developed.

One of the best parts of running my own record company was that I didn't often have to pitch an idea to the boss...I was the boss. In hindsight perhaps the balloon was a bit over the top. But, man when it flew! and those that saw it flying over a music festival never forgot it.