Game Design

I grew up in a household where games were incredibly important to adult child interaction. It was often a crucial part of instigating substantive conversations between my parents and I. When I became a parent, I continued the tradition, and introduced my kids to board games, strategy games, LARPS, and of course video games.

but it wasn't until I began seriously considering introducing a game design program at Hostos that I began to conceive of my own original games. Much of my Installation work involved playful exploration, and as an educator, I have often been described as playful... but actual systems of play required a whole different part of my brain to be exercised.

As with so much of the design that I present here, my work has been founded on collaboration. Much of the core thinking regarding game design comes from my long standing collaborations with my son Dylan. It was with him and the folks who would eventually make up Colmena Design, that I was able to help in the development of the following games...

Argyleis a number line game that is one part backgammon, one part checkers, and one part tug of war. Here two players face off along a row of thirteen diamonds representing positive and negative points on either side of a zero position. Players work to move their pieces in such a way as to land on and capture those of their opponent. Victory comes when only one player’s piece(s) remain. - if you want you can order a copy here. As with all these games, any proceeds I might earn go directly to the Ravenfox Foundation Scholarship at Hostos Community College!

Bond Raiders, an organic chemistry game. In this game players build Bonds, Steal Elements, and develop strategies that make a foundation for undertanding the interaction of elements! Bond Raiders is a card game where each card represents an atom or a bond. Players build ordered sets, functional groups, which allow players to rack up points. - if you want you can order a copy here!

Double Cross helps hone a student's understanding of rounding numbers. It is a game of strategy game of territorial conquest where players can set up a blockade in their camp or use their enemy’s movements to their advantage. However, they must be correct in your movements or it could prove costly. If you want you can order a copy here!

Introducing young naturalists and physicists to the fascinating world of bees, Einstein & the Honeybee inspires an interest in Apiology and Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). Players explore the garden of Albert and Elsa Einstein as they work to pollinate flowers and rescue lost bees while avoiding predators, pesticides, and harmful mites. Players are able to use some of Einstein's discoveries to their advantage as they struggle to save the hive. The world of bees and physics has never been as fun and engaging as it is in Einstein's & the Honeybee, a game for players 8 and up. - if you want you can order a copy here!

I've Got a Theory: Biology EditionYou are a newborn animal on a journey of self-discovery. In finding what you are, you observe attributes of other animals and present hypothesis to your fellow animals inquiring whether these attributes apply to you. The first one to discover what they are can finally join their animal family. If you like, you can order a copy here!There's also a chemistry version!

Sleeper CellThis is a social game involving a group of collaborative players acting out rolls in an improvisational mystery drama. Players break off into five teams and are handed sets of instructions telling them who they are and how they should behave in order to set the stage. Players will be handed coded messages to decipher with the help of several cipher keys. These messages will be clues leading them to uncovering a terrorist sleeper cell in their midst.. If you like, you can order a copy here!

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