Perhaps this should have been the home page....

I have worn many different hats over my professional career. A composer, musician, and audio engineer, I have worked in collaboration with creatives my entire life. Over the course of my thirteen-year career in the recording industry my interests evolved from producing music to branding and promotion. In doing this I taught myself a number of developing technologies moving from audio to graphic design, and on to multimedia production. All of this inspired me to head off to graduate school where I explored human computer interaction, user-centered design, non-linear story telling, physical computing, and multimedia development. I studied these subjects from both the perspective of an artist and an aspiring educator. As an artist I was working to create immersive environments to more effectively engage audiences in my narratives, and these various design practices allowed me a window into how to better gauge the effectiveness of my work. As an aspiring educator I was working to define the role of these subjects in design thinking in order to encourage young designers toward success in media industries.

While an adjunct with the department of Design & Technology at Parsons, I found I both enjoyed and had a talent for curriculum development. When the dean of Hostos approached a colleague at Parsons looking for someone to develop media programs at the school, he recommended they speak with me. Since then I have spent the last ten years teaching at Hostos while developing AAS programs in animation, graphic design, music production, and game design for the college.

The programs I helped develop at Hostos are designed to tap into students’ fascination with technology and design in order to help empower them in academics overall, with media forming an inviting gateway into larger academic engagement. Our results show a 61% retention rate – more than twice the community college norm.

Over the last decade I have also had the opportunity to hone my grant writing skills in pursuing funding for a number of projects for the college, the community, and the University at large. Most notable of these projects are the Game-Framed Math & Science (G-FMS) Initiative funded by the National Science Foundation, and the Hostos Media Business Incubator funded in part by a New York State 20/20 grant I collaborated on with colleagues from Lehman College and the MaCauly Honors College. Both projects represent cross-disciplinary collaboration as well as thinking and development well outside my media comfort zones.

Why am I talking about all of this here?

Because, while this path seems to be a bit meandering, it is in fact design thinking in action. I have been iterating all these years. I have embraced the practice of design to my very core.

Much of the work that I display here can be found elsewhere on my website. But this brief autobiography let's a visitor see that the totality of my work represents my dedication and foundation in user-centric design thinking.

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