Stressless Sound Recent Projects & Clients

Stressless Sound , established in 2010 has been home to many album and sound design projects. Some of our recent guest projects have involved:

Joyce Adewumi
John Arrucci
Layla Angulo
Alberto Bird
Celebrate Diversity, Celebrate You Concert 2011
The Devious Semantics
Edwin Garcia
Hostos Repertory Company
Juliet Kleber
Robert Kovacs
Jeremiah Lowengard
Members of the Macedonian Radio Symphonic Orchestra
Mike C.
New York City African Chorus Ensemble
Luisito Quintero
Robert Spencer
Fester Spunk
Tech Tonic

The Psychology of Sound Recording

The process of capturing performance has an inate relationship to the atmosphere of a session. A client who is at ease, relaxed, and 'in their element' produces the best take. Being able to capture the performance is only the first step in being a good audio engineer...being able to facilitate the optimal atmosphere is the truest test of an engineer.