Introducing my 11th solo album

Songs For Isaac - twelve new songs of joy and sorrow.

For Dylan Isaac who would have gotten the jokes and laughed with his belly, elegantly danced to the rhythms on suede bottomed shoes, and cried at the heartache with more empathy than a man can stand. Love, you brother…missing you always.

Special thanks to all the folks who helped – the band who gave of themselves to breath life into my songs - the engineers who heard the music for the sound - the family for putting up with it all, and to all the friends, family, colleagues, and students who have helped me focus on what love can still make possible. You all bring my music to life.

Thanks to Paul and the Mike at the Clubhouse Recording studio

Tony for over preparing so eloquently

Bobby for flying across the country for an old friend in need

Jay for staying upright through a tough day

Brother Doug at Spotify for keeping the flame alive

Dylan Spencer for being such a great collaborator & friend

Lil, Pam, and LJ for lighting up my world

My colleagues & students at Hostos Community College who let me go to love rather than work everyday

& Lastly (but most importantly) the incredibly supportive family and friends that got me through all this… hopefully he’s that nuthatch outside my window singing along.

With love,

images from Songs for Isaac

Produced by Dylan & Rees Shad for v1/v2 productions

Mixed by Dylan Joe Blaney

Recorded at Clubhouse Recording - Rhinebeck, NY
by Dylan Shad
Over dubs recorded by Rees Shad at Stressless Sound, Carmel, NY
Mastered by Duncan Stanbury at Groove Mastering


Rees & the KU3A reunited

Another wonderful group of sessions with dear friends and collaborators. It's why I keep at it, really...these moments of connectedness. Even when singing about the loss of one connection I am heartened and the opportunity to build and renew others.