Installation Work

I am interested in exploring narrative in physical space by means of multiple forms of media, and electronic interaction.  Much of my work endeavors to encourage physical connection between a gallery visitor and the artwork they encounter.  This often occurs by means of proximity instigation with movement sensing devices, or physical interaction by means of actual touch. 

I have long been a storyteller, first as a singer/songwriter, later as a writer of narrative experienced via the web and hypermedia, now through physical computing.  I convey my stories by means of video and audio elements triggered by subtly disguised microprocessors that evaluate visitors’ actions in order to reveal complex narrative lexia.

My work often involves revisiting and reassessing the roles of objects of antiquity. An 18th century orchestral harp, a 19th century photo album, or an early 20th century child’s toy piano when placed in my workshop get imbued with technologies which allow a user to not only appreciate the original craftsman’s work, but uncover unexpected stories.  The interaction between a visitor and one of my pieces is most successful when the original form is recognized and appreciated as much as the interaction and narrative I’ve introduced.